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We had to. The British actress was cast as in the upcoming film No Time to Die, making her the first woman and person of color to lead a film in the franchise. In July, Lady Gaga announced her new beauty line, Haus Laboratories, and her horde of little monsters went crazy. Who do they have to thank? Quinn, who approached Gaga about launching a company. Together, they developed the cruelty-free and vegan line, which began shipping in September. The Harvard MBA is focused on early-stage companies that embrace diverse leadership. Fun fact: Rapaport showed up to her interview with a list of ideas and two bags of tacos.

She saw Williams was a fan on Instagram. This makes Rihanna the first black woman to head a fashion house at the storied company. In March, Zuck tapped Simo to lead all things mobile at Facebook, making her one of the most powerful female executives at the social-media giant. She oversees a team of more than 4, product managers and engineers—and is leading the launch of new products, like the recently released Facebook Dating.

Up next for the artist: Reportedly a collab with none other than Queen Bey herself. Finally, a good reason to stay up on a school night. Crew family in and has transformed into the crown jewel of the company—so much so that at press time Madewell had filed to spin off from J.

Cosmic Cousins: Soul-Centered Astrology

Crew with an IPO. I hope you are well. Just a few lines to let you know All of which was simply to say that these are just a few lines to record that my CT scan, last week, turned out better than my darkest doubts had imagined. A nurse, with directions from the oncologist, called me to say that the scan indicated that there have been no negative changes, in the chest, abdomen and pelvic areas, since my last scans. The problem in my left femur, causing pain-when-walking, has remained stable.

I'd have liked that to have improved some, but am thankful for small mercies.

I am considering that option, will contact him for his further opinion after he, too, has seen the scan results. I worried non-stop about those flippin' scan results! Drove myself into a bag of nerves during last weekend. I'm now feeling more relaxed until the next time. I dread those kinds of waiting times; procedures I can deal with, it's the not knowing that really gets to me. Posted by Twilight at Wednesday, November 06, 4 comments. Labels: bone cancer , breast cancer , medical. The past week has seemed filled with "stuff to do" that was not sufficiently interesting to write about at length: follow-up appointment with radiologist skin all healed well after radiation treatments in August.

Dentist appointment for a filling. Appointment for a CT scan to discover whether any changes have taken place for good or ill during past 6 months. Haven't had result yet. Letters and numerous garbled phone calls about my grant towards cost of Ibrance medication running out. Efforts made to obtain a fresh grant. Finding a way to fax our last tax return in relation to the grant issue.

Having faxed it, more garbled phone calls in relation to same. I say "garbled" because most of the time I cannot understand what the person at the other end of the line is saying. They are usually carrying out lists of routine contacts, gabbling their lines at top speed.

I thought that it was an accent problem, but no, my husband has the same difficulty. Nobody is taught how to speak on the phone, in a professional way, these days - or if they are, the lessons are soon forgotten! Then it was Hallowe'en. We had only two trick or treaters this year, one of whom was my husband's great-granddaughter, Serenity, with her grandparents.

It seems that the old-fashioned Hallowe'en customs have, at last, been overtaken by more communal and organised dress-up occasions care of churches, schools or other societies.

Northern RD Meeting Rescheduled

It was an unusually cold evening here too, which didn't entice young visitors travelling on foot. Here is great-granddaughter Serenity, with husband and I - he got all dressed up for the occasion too. Posted by Twilight at Saturday, November 02, 8 comments. Labels: Hallowe'en , Ibrance , medical. The weather here in southern Oklahoma is, at last, after days of temperatures in the 80s, acting in more autumnal fashion. Today it's actually cool to cold outside - 49 degrees, windy with a storm in the offing. The trees haven't yet donned their fall colours, after a few more of these cooler nights, it'll happen.

In other news, a routine blood test on 16 October, to discover how the targeted therapy medications are affecting my blood quality, showed that the white cell count was below desired minimum - same for platelets.

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Oncologist told me to take a second week off the Ibrance capsules - these are routinely taken for 21 days with 7 days off each month. This time I had 14 days off. This panel explores how form and structure operate not only as navigational devices, but as means of inventing layered emotional terrains and innovative narrative trajectories. Referencing their recent works as case studies, panelists discuss how their books' form and architecture developed and what kind of house it makes for and of living.

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Lisa Olstein is the author of four poetry collections, most recently, Late Empire , and a book-length lyric-essay Pain Studies. Heather Christle is the author of The Crying Book a work of nonfiction , and four poetry collections, most recently Heliopause. She is an assistant professor of creative writing at Emory University. Sequoia Nagamatsu , Sakinah Hofler , Cara Benson , Ruth Joffre "This should be a novel" is a common form of praise given to a short story in a workshop, but what does this really mean?

Many short stories work wonderfully in their smaller containers, brimming with novelistic complexity and scope. But sometimes what begins as a short story begs to be more. Yates Fellow at the University of Cincinnati. Her poetry and prose has appeared in multiple literary journals and magazines. She is an instructor for GrubStreet.

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Ruth Joffre is the author of the story collection Night Beast. Who Says? At what point does a poet's work become political—or cease to be—and who decides its aesthetic value? Are poets of color perceived to be political "because they are poets of color"? Given this, do white poets hesitate to write poems of protest, particularly where the subject of race is concerned?

The answers to these questions have far-reaching implications for the future of American poetry. Sarah Browning is cofounder and for ten years was executive director of Split this Rock. Smith Writer-in-Service Award. Quenton Baker is a poet and educator from Seattle. His current focus is the fact of blackness in American society.

He is the author of This Glittering Republic. Which kind of written agreements should be in place for which responsibilities and why? Join us for a discussion about making sure this working relationship is mutually beneficial. Mary Gannon is the executive director of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, a year-old nonprofit organization that works to ensure a vibrant, diverse literary landscape by supporting and advocating for small literary publishers and their authors.

Managing Literary Magazine Editorial Transitions. Christopher Lowe , Dorothy Chan , Michael Nye , Leslie Jill Patterson , Maureen Langloss Literary magazines undergo constant change, whether it's the expected turnover of editors at student-run publications or the unexpected change of an editor moving on from a place she's been for years.

Panelists with a range of experience in print and online journals will explore best practices for managing these transitions, whether expected or unexpected. She is an assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the former editor of The Southeast Review , and poetry editor of Hobart.

He is the editor of Story. Margolis Award for Social Justice Writing. Maureen Langloss is a lawyer-turned-writer living in New York City. She serves as the flash fiction editor at Split Lip magazine. We risk harming real-life relationships, and may expose ourselves and others to legal liability. How do we address these conflicts in our writing and in our lives, and what choices can we make to protect ourselves, our work, and our loved ones? We'll discuss strategies to mitigate the potential for liability and emotional harm before and after publication.

Helen Fremont, a former public defender, is the author of the new memoir The Escape Artist. Her previous book, After Long Silence , was a national bestseller. Her work has appeared in Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards , Ploughshares , Harvard Review , and other publications. Annie Kim is a poet and attorney who works at the University of Virginia School of Law as an assistant dean. She teaches poetry and legal writing in Charlottesville, VA. Lenore Myka is the author of King of the Gypsies: Stories.

A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship, her award-winning writing has appeared in a variety of publications and has been selected as distinguished by the Best American series.